The YONEX Luxembourg Open

About us

Welcome to the YONEX Luxembourg Open Badminton Tournament, scheduled to take place from the 2nd to the 5th of May at the Coque in Luxembourg.

Building on the success of its first two editions as an “International Series” tournament, the organizers have made a strategic decision to elevate the tournament to the next level on the Badminton Europe Circuit, by hosting an “International Challenge” tournament.

The “International Challenge” is a BWF (Badminton World Federation)-sanctioned tournament on the Badminton Europe Circuit. Tournaments at this level contribute with up to 4 000 points to the players’ international rankings and offer an increased prize money as compared to an International Series tournament. These improved conditions should help to attract higher ranked players as compared to the first two editions.

Hence get ready for an exciting and elevated badminton experience as top players from around the world compete at this prestigious event in the heart of Luxembourg.

The YONEX Luxembourg Open stands as a reference within the local and national badminton scene, earning a distinguished reputation as a top-tier organized tournament in the wider region.

With a focus on delivering a world-class badminton experience, this event holds paramount significance, acting as a beacon for enthusiasts and players alike. The tournament serves as a platform for the local and neighbouring badminton community to witness a high-level competition, attracting not only prominent players from Europe but also drawing talent from around the globe.

The YONEX Luxembourg Open is not merely a competition; it is a celebration of skill, sportsmanship, and the universal language of badminton. Its unique position allows approximately 300 players to converge at the exceptional Coque Sports Centre, a venue that adds a distinctive touch to the overall experience. As the tournament unfolds, it creates an environment where the regional badminton community can not only witness but also engage with the prowess of top players, fostering a sense of unity and shared passion for the sport.

About us

Behind the success of the upcoming third edition of the YONEX Luxembourg Open Badminton Tournament is a dedicated and experienced organizing committee. Our committee is composed of individuals with a wealth of diverse experience, each contributing through their expertise in various fields that are crucial to the seamless organization of this prestigious event. With a shared passion for badminton and a commitment to excellence, our organizing committee is well-equipped to ensure that the YONEX Luxembourg Open is not only a thrilling sporting spectacle but also a smoothly executed and memorable experience for players, volunteers and spectators alike.

Our structure

Tournament Director Maurice Niesner
Assistant Tournament Director Steve Zeimes
Finances Patrick Felten
Office Julien Malchair
Communication Steve Zeimes
Catering David Jeanpaul
Trasport Stéphane Schockmel
Voluteers Maurice Niesner, Steve Zeimes
Event Control Steve Zeimes
Match Control Maurice Niesner
Representives FELUBA Joël Feltes, President

Alain Tonnar, Vice-President

Frédéric Mawet, Tecchnical Director