By purchasing products according to ecological criteria, the event intends to reduce its impact in terms of use of natural resources, air pollution, effect on the climate and production of waste.
Among other things, the tournament has committed to :

– Renouncing genetically modified organisms in the food served in the refreshment area and introducing a significant proportion of organic products.
– Use paper sparingly and sensibly, especially recycled paper as stated in the declaration of commitment « Selbstverpflichtung – Proppere Pabéier ».
– Apply criteria for eco-labelled products for cleaning products.
– Reduce the waste of drinking water.
– Sorting waste and acquiring the “SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber” certification
– Buy materials that do not contain substances harmful to health and the environment. See the leaflet “Schulanfang, Clever einkaufen
– Promote fair trade.